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How a room makes us feel matters. How cocooned we are by the colour of our bedroom walls and how squishy the sofa is at the end of a hard day matters.

If you're pushed for time, not sure where to start or overwhelmed by choice then we've got a package that will support you.

Make your living spaces count.

You'll thank yourself for it, we promise.

Becca, Leeds

"They were super speedy coming up with a design, listened to what I said about how I was hoping to use the room and also gave ideas that pushed me outside what would have even crossed my mind otherwise. Love the colour scheme they came up with and the extra details like the amazing quilt suggestion"

Kristina, Bloxham

"Thank you both so much for all the help in bringing a rather drab corner to life. You have given me confidence to have a clash of colour and pattern. I can't wait for the finished result"

Grace, Greenwich

Their advice helped me to create a living room which brings me joy. They gave me a shortlist of options which worked within my budget. It also made the process much less stressful and that means the world with a 22 month old!"


A supportive, guided conversation from our homes to yours complete with a follow up summary of our discussion

Available online


​Start here if you'd love to:

  • put a stop to the endless Pinterest merry go round

  • gain clarity about the look and feel of your home

  • feel inspired by a guided and supportive conversation


Whether it's working out where to start, knowing where to spend your budget for maximum effect or how to make a room feel cohesive, we're here to help.

Your home is, of course, incredibly personal to you: expect to feel heard, not judged and leave feeling energised and confident about your next steps.



Design consultation

Moodboards + summaries

Paint schemes

Budget guidance

3 bespoke visualisations

Available online


Opt for this if you'd love to:

  • compare and contrast different looks with our bespoke visualisations

  • feel confident about your choices by nailing down the specifics of your dream style

  • lock in the paint schemes that you'll love living with

It's all very well looking at inspirational images but what if the look you love is hanging on a cottage somewhere beachy and you live in a Victorian terrace? Being able to visualise your space effectively is key to unpacking what will and won't work.


We're not here to show you three looks you love in the abstract, we'll find what feels authentic for your home and lead you to an unequivocal:

"this is it!"



Design consultation & follow up meeting

Design direction and references

Paint scheme

Budget planning


Finalised visualisations

Buying & Sourcing list

Recommended trades in Oxfordshire

Whatsapp support

Trade discounts

Available online + in person for clients in Oxford


*payment plan available

If you're ready to take that loved, lived in, layered space from vision to reality, then opt in to:

  • know the details you need for a cohesive vision 

  • drink in finalised visualisations of your dream space

  • take impactful action with a web linked buying and sourcing list

  • stay in control of your total spend 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: our homes are the quiet, powerful background to our lives.  Make yours a space that has been brave enough to say something about your life and do it with the confidence and spaciousness that our support brings. 


  • Feel supported, guided and inspired

    155 British pounds
  • Nail what works for you and your home

    375 British pounds
  • Drink in your vision and bring it to life

    645 British pounds

Join our waitlist for project management in 2024:

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