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Our Story

It was the summer of 2021 when Jo sent me a text asking whether I was serious about making the switch into interior design and if I'd take the leap with her.


The short answer was: yes. Then I poured a glass and wondered: how?


​Our work in the education and charity sectors wasn't going anywhere fast, we had bills to pay and my health wasn't in a brilliant state. I'd taken a pay cut to go part time in a bid to help the latter, surely the last thing I needed was to try and build a business? Slowly but surely, my time away from the classroom was spent pouring over the work of my favorite designers (Isle Crawford- je t'aime!) and Jo and I sent a rapid fire exchange of images we loved over Instagram. It felt like a no brainer to join the KLC School of Design and Jo added upholstery to her toolkit. Before we knew it we were working out a shared vision of design on Saturday mornings inbetween feeding Jo's family pancakes.​


So what is that vision?  Well, we knew that each and every project would look and feel different. And so they should. You're unique. We knew that working out an empowering process for our design consultations would be key given that so many people ask: how and where do I start?​ And we knew that we wanted to dispel the idea that interior design is for other people.​


And that's how we arrived here offering carefully thought out packages that will leave you feeling supported, challenged and inspired in the choices you make for that ever important space you call home. ​​   


  • layered

Your room will sing when you plan your budget in a way that allows you to bring multiple layers to a space. Paint is a powerful tool but the magic happens when you bring all the other decorative layers into the mix 

  • lived in

 Our spaces are designed to feel welcoming, characterful and warm.

If you're looking for something polished and minimal we're probably not the designers for you!

  • loved

Show us the treasured painting your niece did for youor the chair that's seen three other lives... vintage, antique, reclaimed: we're in. We love showing clients how central pieces with sentiment and history can be to a room design

Our style

We get it.

It's not easy to see the way forward when it comes to decorating our homes. 

They're our biggest, hardest won financial asset and dressing them can feel so darn loaded


We're here to help you realise a vision for your space that feels like you and that means lasting, beneficial change to the way you live. 

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