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Your space, reimagined.

Considered, supportive and inspiring interior design: your road map to a beautiful home starts here.




We're Oxford based design duo Jo and Sabrina.

Our journey into business started with one timely text sent by Jo, and it hasn't stopped since. From careers in the education and charity sectors to a life well-lived in design, hit the button below to get to know us and our design ethos better. 

the shorthall

Come and put your feet up with us in Oxford.

Design tips, spaces we love and 10% off your first design consultation with us 

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Jane & Martin, Culham

"Thank you so much - we are absolutely delighted with how it turned out. Sleepy Alice said 'wow' at midnight when we got back and put her to bed."

Georgina, Cowley

"I was just ringing to say: I love it! I really, really do. You were totally right about the suggested colours and the yellow! I can't believe how beautiful the room looks!"

Anna, Chipping Norton

"Hugely diligent, endlessly professional and innately stylish- couldn't have done it without them!"

How to work with us

Our homes are the quiet, powerful background to our lives. They're our refuge, our dance floor, our dominion. And beautiful homes, like a decent piece of art, aren't the most polished, perfect or expensive, they're the spaces that have been brave enough to say something about the people who live there.


Yes, we've got a bit serious all of a sudden but really: what is it you want to say?



Talking about our homes can feel pretty personal, so if you're after an honest, guided and supportive conversation then start here.

Feel heard not judged.



If you need to see it to believe it (or maybe you know someone else in your home who does!) then our bespoke visualisations will help you unlock the look that feels authentic to you, your home and your life.



If you know what you want your home to say but you can't seem to find a way of drawing it all together (life is busy, right?) then we'll help you drill down into all the devilish details. From layout to buying list: we've got you.


Thanks for submitting!

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